Readers, this is a low-key blog, if you haven’t noticed that already. I don’t have sponsors, I’m not involved in any “partnerships” other than with the person I’m married to, I don’t have advertisers except what you see at the bottom of each post if you don’t have AdBlock installed like a normal person, the Pie and Beer URL still has “wordpress” in it. My book-writing business to this point has been similarly understated, relying on decent ideas, word of mouth, and the tireless efforts of my publisher to get books into people’s hands and—I sincerely hope—their kitchens. My books don’t have trailers. Or tours, or elaborate multimedia tie-ins. Self-promotion does not come easily to me. At all. I feel a bit apologetic even writing a post like this, announcing the publication of my new book (officially out today!) and a celebratory giveaway. Let’s call it a thank-you giveaway.

They look pretty good in a stack.

I’d like to send one of you faithful readers a set of my last three books: CanningWhole Grains, and Vegetarian for a New Generation. That’s almost six pounds’ worth of potential deliciousness. You might already have the full set, but maybe you know someone who might like a copy. Use this as an excuse to introduce yourself to your new neighbor down the street, or donate one to your local branch library, or save it for holiday gift-giving. I’d be happy to inscribe the books too, if you’d like.

Just leave a comment on this post by this Friday, April 18. Any comment will do, but if you’re feeling expansive, please tell us about a great Food Project you’ve completed, attempted, or dreamed about doing someday. Have you made strudel from scratch? Fermented cucumbers for real kosher dills? Have you always wanted to build a smokehouse and fill it with hams? I’d love to hear about it! I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday and get these tomes in the mailstream soon after.

Good luck!

And thank you.