It’s been a while since I’ve posted a few of the kiddo’s lunches, so I thought I’d throw the last five up here now. (Actually I forgot to take a picture of yesterday’s.) Most of them make use of leftovers and things from the freezer. The one up top is fried rice with a bit of leftover roast pork, eggs from our neighbors, and vegetables, with figs. I made a full pan of the rice and had the extra for my own breakfast. Below are some more from the last week. (Click through for captions, if you’d like more details.)

I think that often the most interesting lunches I make are those that happen when we have very little ready-to-eat food in the house and I’m forced to scrounge (e.g., shredded wheat?). Sometimes food comes back home, but I think in these particular lunches the only item that wasn’t eaten was the plain cucumber. What do you like to put in your kids’ or your own boxed or bagged lunches? Do you plan ahead? Do you have a favorite type of container? Do your kids have favorites they ask for, or do they just eat what you give them?