Welcome to Pie and Beer. I’m Liana Krissoff, a cookbook author and freelance editor. My husband, daughter, and our puppy, Piper, moved to Morgantown, West Virginia, in early 2015. My most recent books are Vegetarian for a New Generation, Whole Grains for a New Generation, and Canning for a New Generation. The new revised and expanded edition of Canning will be published in summer 2016.

When I moved this blog from Blogspot to WordPress, the insane wonkiness of the appearance of my old posts made me crazy to look at; after months of halfhearted attempts to fix them all, I just deleted them in one fell swoop. But not to worry: you can access the old posts in the archive, going back to 2006, at Pie and Beer 1.0.

I also use Instagram and Twitter, if you’re so inclined. For conversations among a smart and vibrant community of home cooks and preservers, head to the Facebook pages for VegetarianWhole Grains, and Canning FANG.

The Pie and Beer logo was designed by my generous friend the graphic designer Tara Klurman Genen.