I think my daughter’s packed lunch for today looks (and tastes) pretty good. Inspired by the beautiful yam tuna in the Pok Pok book, this is a tuna salad with lime juice, a few drips of fish sauce, a light scraping of palm sugar, slivered garlic and ginger, bok choy stems, diced sweet pepper, grape tomatoes, and cilantro. If it’d been for me, there would have been lots of fresh chiles, maybe some sliced shallot. I put a couple of torn kaffir lime leaves in just for fragrance. And don’t worry for my poor daughter: she tried it and gave her wholehearted approval (palm sugar, natch), and if she hadn’t liked it I would’ve saved it for my own lunch and just made a regular tuna salad for her. There’s also an apple and some crackers, and water. Yay for yam!